As an industry-leading SDN network solution provider, MBF providers enterprises with diversified products and solutions such as 4G/5G dedicated core network, Global SIM, SDWAN and etc. We are committed to provide enterprise with intelligent and secure networks.
Next-Generation Network Security Connectivity Platform
Accelerate the informatization and intelligence process of the enterprise network, and create a safe, intelligent, stable and sustainable application-level network security connection platform for enterprises.
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One-stop 4G/5G dedicated core network
MBF provides enterprises with a one-stop 4G/5G dedicated core network solution in a software-defined manner, helping enterprises quickly realize the operation, deployment, upgrade and expansion of 4G/5G dedicated core network.
MBF backbone network resources covering the world
Covering 50+ countries and regions around the world, 16+ public cloud private lines, and 200+ POP node backbone network resources, it can meet the fast network access needs of any location of the enterprise at any time.
Rapid deployment, elastic expambfion
Distributed module architecture, all modules are dockerized, can be elastically expanded according to business development, and support hybrid deployment on and off the cloud.
Visual O&M management makes network operatiombf easier
MBF provides a visualized and automated management platform for enterprises, allowing enterprises to monitor and configure network services easily and quickly.
Product ecology
4G/5G Private Network Multi-Networking Global Roaming Sim SDWAN
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